Apr 19 2017

Using Android Auto on a Volvo in South Africa

Background With the latest full software release of the Sensus platform for the 90 (and soon the new 60) series vehicles from Volvo Android Auto has been added as a feature. This application is meant to provide similar functionality for Android phone users to that of the current Apple CarPlay services. While this is obviously …

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Oct 29 2012

Discovery Medical Aid Logic Failure

[Update: WOW – A response from Discovery in under 30 minutes! – Colour me impressed! The issue is not solved per se but at least someone is looking into it. Cudos to Discovery] While I am by no means a fan of medical aids in general I have been genuinely happy with Discovery – even …

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Aug 22 2012

AFPIF3 – A reminder of why peering ‘should’ rock

[Update 2012-08-22 – 14:20] IS fixed some local routing announces after my posting here. Nice to have a senior IS network engineer sitting next to me – Ta Riaan. As such latency to Telkom and MTN now looks better but capacity is still a tad ‘tight’. So, sitting at the AFPIF3 meeting today and feeling …

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Aug 17 2012

Frozen in Time – aka wanting your OS to prefer IPv4 over IPv6

Recipe for a good geek ‘giggle’ Take any arbitrary Friday Combine with Neology Dev and Ops staff Add IPv6 Enjoy the fireworks Being a rather staunch IPv6 proponent I had to laugh when IPv6 and its ‘issues’ once again saw the light of day on the Neology balcony – but this time the reason was …

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Jul 28 2012

Using Windows headphones for Ubuntu sound output (aka the missing Synergy component ;-) )

My home desktop environment may be somewhat more involved than what the average home user has …. but I know I’m not alone when it comes to using multiple desktop systems at home with one keyboard and mouse…. I am not going to regurgitate how to make this setup work with the excellent Synergy tool. Rather, I am …

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Jul 20 2012

Oracle Java on Ubuntu and Debian

{This is more a tech tip for myself – but may be of use to others} [Updated 2012/10/06 – Of course when I most need this its not working. Oracle changed the way they check for license acceptance. So, first go to http://www.oracle.com//technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk6u35-downloads-1836443.html with your browser. Accept the radio button terms. Then run the oab-java …

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Jul 19 2012

African Transit Fun

While checking over our BGP peering and transit statistics I decided to drop past the excellent BGPMon site at they provide some interesting statistics, specifically:  African IPv4 BGP WeatherMap and the African IPv6 BGP Weather Map. What surprised me is just how quickly Neology has managed to climb the ranks – its damn exciting to see and I …

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Jun 12 2012

Installation note for Windows 8 on KVM

Needing a moment of headspace I decided to spin up the latest Windows 8 Release Candidate on my KVM platform at home… I pulled the image from: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-8/release-preview Lets kick off the install: I selected Windows 7 as Windows 8 is not yet an option. I selected kvm and an x64 platform (the RC is a …

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May 30 2012

Revisiting Web100 / Web10g

During a recent set of customer queries around network latency and jitter I was reminded of the subjectivity of complaints It feels slow My calls stutter It must be your fault 😉 Well, how do we try reduce the guesswork – we revisit the brilliant Web100 project – now migrated to the Web10g project. This …

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Feb 16 2012

Blackhat Europe 2012

Well, sometimes things simply work out. As my MSc ISM dissertation topic is starting to take shape I have to opportunity to attend Blackhat Europe in Amsterdam from the 13th till the 16th of March. I’ll be able to attend some of the leading presentations in the field (a few of which relate to my …

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