For now, here’s my presentation resume:

Regardt van de Vyver is a passionate technologist, regular public speaker and founding member of Neology – a somewhat wacky solution provider helping ISPs and operators do business better.

His fifteen years of technological mayhem started in IT distribution space, spending a fair bit of time on systems automation and support.

Looking to expand his horizons he spent some time in the UK getting to know the ISP industry and taking a bit of time off to focus on rowing; eventually returning to South Africa and tinkering in the ISP and digital broadcast space.

At the end of 2005 he co-founded Neology, a business borne out of frustrations with the slow progress being made in regards to broadband and telecoms in South Africa. His extensive broadcast, IP, satellite and software development experience provides Neology with broad integration and engineering skills.

He holds a BSc from UNISA and has recently commenced an MSc for his sins.

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