AfPIF – African Peeering and Interconnection Forum

I’m currently attending the African Peering and Interconnection Forum in Nairobi, Kenya. So far it has provided some rather interesting sessions and a great networking opportunity.

It is being hosted by TESPOK and KIXP with various international sponsors – , ISOC, NetNod, Amsix and DE-CIX. These international players has directly added to the forum so far – and I’m happy to report that their beer drinking ability is not lacking 😉

One thing that surprised me is the willingness of many of the incumbents to adopt an open peering policy – I could only wish for such openness and transparency in South Africa. Initially Kenya’s incumbent was opposed to an exchange of any form and tried to shut it down – this has now come full circle with the incumbent being one of the main sponsors of the whole event! Well done Telkom Kenya – AKA Orange.

Overall, a really worthwhile trip so far – there’s still a 2nd day left and for those interested its being streamed live:

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