Another child is born – well, sort of ;-) IPINX

After all the fun and excitement of our little one, Kaitlyn I lost my ability to time manage – or so it would seem. It’s frightening that this is essentially my 1st post in 2 months…. Oh well, at least I’m posting about some positive things 😉

We’ve been working rather hard at getting systems and infrastructure deployed for our latest client – and tomorrow they go public – IPINX – this has been a rather exciting project and I think the local market will jump at the services being offered.

I like the whole idea of being able to share capacity and benefit on the combined buying power of the IPINX group. Just makes sense – I obviously have a vested interest, since we supplied most of the software systems  –  but will be really keen to see the market perception.

As this business grows I’ll post some stats etc on here 😉

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