Another day, another broken phone Blackberry Storm 2

For some reason I just don’t have luck when it comes to cell phones.

I admit that I use phones to their full extent – often pushing it harder than they average guy might – but why, oh why do they always break so quickly.

My previous few phones were all Windows Mobile devices – and they taught me some lessons:
– Samsung Omnia – never use a touch screen again
– Sony Xperix X1  -just never buy a Sony again – product was outdated and essentially dropped for dead before it was really even launched in SA.

With that background I bit the bullet and went for the BlackBerry Storm2 (yes it’s a touch screen but initial reviews indicated it was a GOOD phone)…

2 weeks on and I cannot help but get DAMN frustrated – half the time key presses on the fancy new piezo electric screen simply does not work! I see I’m not the only one – – a few others have had the same issue.

I’ve now sent my phone in for repairs – lets hope Blackberry/Vodacom does the right thing and replace this thing – after 10 days its not boding well for Blackberry

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