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    • Dumisani on Jul 6, 2011 at 16:09
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    I am doing research on implementing IPV6 on our Universities campus, how do I go about this? Please help.

    1. Hi Dumisani,

      In regards to your upstream connectivity for IPv6 – speak to Andrew Alston at TENET. He’ll be able to provide you with native IPv6.

      In regards to your own internal deployment of IPv6 you need to focus on the ability of your gear to support dual stack deployments (ie v4 and v6). Some routers may require software upgrades etc. You should also take the time to plan what you wish to make available on IPv6 first and then get those items specifically live. This allows for a smaller and more structured plan than something as ambitious as getting the whole campus on IPv6.

      There are a number of people on AFNOG who would gladly be able to give advice around this as well.


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