Damn idiot hit and run motor cyclist: KJY 142 GP

So, just sorted out my insurance claim for the break-in … and what’s next –  a DUMBASS decides to crash into my car tonight … damages bumper,side and back panels …. and then the fucker drives off!

So, tomorrow I’m opening a case against the owner of the motor bike KJY142GP … if he’d only stopped none of this would have been neccesary.

At this rate OUTSurance are REALLY not going to like me anymore…

Then, having JUST eventually won the battle with OUTSurance (this will be a separate post of disgruntlement) – what happens – a dumbass on a motor bike just decided it would be fun to drive into the back and side of my car and simply drive off… So, would the owner of the motor bike with registration number KJY 142 GP please go to the nearest police office and get get arrested for leaving the scene of an accident…

What’s next… At least April’s almost over with.

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