IPv6 in South Africa

What a week! At least the Last.fm radio and some decent whiskey are allowing me to retain my sanity 😉

IPv6  has been much touted – and little deployed in South Africa, something we’ve been working hard at changing at our latest client network – IPINX.

We have IPv6 routing internationally; local peering with the only 2 switched on players locally (IPv6 wise – TENET and POSIX; and have a fully V6 capable core and DNS infrastructure. Now we await users 😉

I’m running a /64 to home and it’s been interesting using the ShowIP Add-on for Firefox on my systems. There’s a few sites out there providing native IPv6 – a notable surprise was my visit to http://kernelnewbies.org/ this evening.  It is nice to see guys simply deploying what’s required and moving on… this is the hardest challenge in getting IPv6 out there, just making it SO.

The end result of a decent IPv6 deployment should be NO impact to end-user 😉 Not currently a reality but getting there.

Our next steps in the coming weeks is decent getting ipv6 caching (and ideally transparent ipv6 caching) working – though I suspect this could be a little ways off.

Customers who currently require IPv6 are provided connectivity via dedicated tunnels – something which will change in the very near future. We should be able to provide native IPv6 ADSL within a couple of months – something I’m truly looking forward too. I recon it’ll just have geek appeal but geeks sell gigs – so there 😉

Guess I best get the http://www.ipv6forum.com/ipv6_enabled/ bits done 😉

/me goes to take one last look at the dancing Kame (I must be showing my age here – wonder how many people even knew about this)

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