I believe! — NGINX really does ROCK

When we (Neology) expanded our Windows Update Caching service, our chief propeller head (TheRodent) suggested a move from our old stalwart (apache2) towards the new kid on the block – NGINX.

Having had little prior exposure to the product I was rather hesitant but also keen so see its performance.

I just had a brief look at one of our busier accelerators and I must say NGINX really does ROCK:

Date Hits Bandwidth
09 Dec 2009 5 902 426 155.66 GB
10 Dec 2009 3 664 433 97.11 GB
11 Dec 2009 2 804 256 88.50 GB
12 Dec 2009 1 986 264 70.81 GB

Just under 6 million hits in a single day, not a bad thing 😉

Overall this is a bit of software that really does what it’s set out to be able to do – deal with high PPS and work reliably 😉

Only real downside so far is the limited features of the status module – would love to get more data from it so SNMP stats can become somewhat useful.

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