Oracle Java on Ubuntu and Debian

{This is more a tech tip for myself – but may be of use to others}

[Updated 2012/10/06 – Of course when I most need this its not working. Oracle changed the way they check for license acceptance. So, first go to with your browser. Accept the radio button terms. Then run the oab-java file as below.]

Short and sweet – Ubuntu has decided to remove Oracle’s JAVA 6/7 from their OS – I don’t fault that decision at all but sadly on occasion I need the exact compatibility that the ‘sunnicle’ java brings – Code once run anywhere my arse.

So, without ubuntu repos (even the PPA’s have been disabled) we are left to build our own debian packages – thankfully Martin Wimpress¬†made this an absolute breeze:

cd /tmp/
chmod a+x

This will automatically download the required sources, build them and create .deb files for installation.

Frankly the least painful JAVA experience I’ve ever had ¬†– THANKS Martin!!!



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