A few pics of our little one

So we went for our 35 week scan – some brief pics – hope to add more soon.

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The value of keeping software up to date

Today I eat humble pie… As webmail client I have long used squirrelmail, but had moved over to RoundCube. At the time of the install I pulled from svn – got it running and moved on. Logging into my postmaster/abuse account today I was greeted with over 6000 bounced e-mails. The cluprit was a long-fixed …

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Not quite GuitarHero World Tour….

Having been recently caught up in the Guitar Hero World Tour fad (Thanks Dylan…) I’ve paid slightly more attention to what’s out there musically. I was referred to this: Has some interesting potential. More info on this site: http://mtg.upf.edu/reactable/

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VillaRosa running Ubuntu

I’ve been involved with the team from Spectro Productions in the management of their IT systems. They produce the popular KykNET program Villa Rosa. I’m happy to say that all the bits shown on screen is open source …. specifically UBUNTU with all the required Afrikaans language packs. Miskien moes ek maar in Afrikaans vertel …

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Summit Done

My interview on SummitTV

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Summit TV Interview for Neology

Well, I’ve just been asked to participate in an interview of Summit TV’s “Sake met Summit”. It’s going to be hosted in Afrikaans – apparently not many of us techies like speaking our mother tongue 😉 It will cover the Liberalisation of the South African telecoms industry. I’ll try post a copy of the media …

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Debian Lenny released (JAWUG Mirror Updated)

Debian Lenny released at last. Jawug mirrors updated

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Samsung Omnia’s new uses

Having been a Samsung Omina (i900) user for some time now I have to say that it’s almost as useful an iron as it is a phone. You may ask why I use it to remove creases from clothing – simple, its just always that hot – with the SERIOUSLY outdated South African firmware that …

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Resetting HP iLO Passwords

Having had to reset HP iLO password far too often these days I’m blogging this more for my own sanity than anything else. 1st off you need to have configured  HP Proliant Support software. There are some rings to loop through here depending on your architecture. Once done, you need the HPONCFG tool appropriate for …

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Humble Beginnings

Well, it had to happen sooner or later I guess. I’ve been sucked into the self exposing pasttime of having a personal site to air my view, share my beliefs and generally let bits hang out. This site is my personal space and as such does not reflect the view of anyone but myself 😉 …

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