Samsung Omnia’s new uses

Having been a Samsung Omina (i900) user for some time now I have to say that it’s almost as useful an iron as it is a phone.

You may ask why I use it to remove creases from clothing – simple, its just always that hot – with the SERIOUSLY outdated South African firmware that is. You see, Samsung have internationally released many a fix and upgrade to their “iPhone Killer”; just not in South Africa.

Now while I know integration testing needs to be done with the operators, its getting rather silly for them to blame delays on the local operators. The first countries who got the overheating fixes have already moved on to newer upgrades and fixes – by the time Samsung SA wake up we’re six months behind the release cycle again.

A phone that did not suffer from vendor paralysis was HTC – not due to their open approach – but rather due to the efforts of the XDA Developers.

I just hope as strong a community build around the Omnia – likely our only hope for a decently working, supported, phone.

I’m now running the UK version and can actually keep it in my shirt pocket while its on …


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