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Vodacom, iPad’s and Blackberry’s — what is going on here

I hate it when I once again need to tick the ‘Rant Category’ – but what is a man to do when service delivery is less than it should be? So, after much deliberation Apple managed to corrupt my soul and I am now the owner of an iPad! Overall a very impressive device though …

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RICA – Fail

At the best of times I don’t consider myself someone that suffers fools – today I was held to be the fool. I decided to “quickly” pop past the Cresta Vodashop to buy a new BlackBerry Curve 8520 as an after-hours support phone for the Neology support team. After taking one look at the apparently …

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Another day, another broken phone Blackberry Storm 2

For some reason I just don’t have luck when it comes to cell phones. I admit that I use phones to their full extent – often pushing it harder than they average guy might – but why, oh why do they always break so quickly. My previous few phones were all Windows Mobile devices – …

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