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Frozen in Time – aka wanting your OS to prefer IPv4 over IPv6

Recipe for a good geek ‘giggle’ Take any arbitrary Friday Combine with Neology Dev and Ops staff Add IPv6 Enjoy the fireworks Being a rather staunch IPv6 proponent I had to laugh when IPv6 and its ‘issues’ once again saw the light of day on the Neology balcony – but this time the reason was …

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Current state of Peering

Ok, so there’s been a ton of hoopla around MWEB’s decision to refuse to pay for local transit. Few have openly supported them with many such as Telkom (SAIX)and MTN somewhat less than enthusiastic. I thought it might be of interest to provide my perspective as a proponent of public peering. Neology went live at …

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What is in a name – Neology

While Neology doesn’t make much use of the media, press releases or marketing we are often quoted or in the press. Our primary to-market opportunities are based on word-of-mouth, conferences and networking. In an effort to get our site updated I went hunting for some more info and press where Neology has been mentioned. Imagine …

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One IPv6 to rule them all

Invariably I find the most entertaining distractions when I’m supposed to be focussing all my attention on time sensitive ‘stuff’. Today is no exception, instead of finalising my Best Man’s speech for Mark Loxton (Overstreet) I prodded Telkom into getting IPv6 peering live with them at last. With the brilliant assistance of Pieter Bezuidenhout we …

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I believe! — NGINX really does ROCK

When we (Neology) expanded our Windows Update Caching service, our chief propeller head (TheRodent) suggested a move from our old stalwart (apache2) towards the new kid on the block – NGINX. Having had little prior exposure to the product I was rather hesitant but also keen so see its performance. I just had a brief …

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