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Using Windows headphones for Ubuntu sound output (aka the missing Synergy component ;-) )

My home desktop environment may be somewhat more involved than what the average home user has …. but I know I’m not alone when it comes to using multiple desktop systems at home with one keyboard and mouse…. I am not going to regurgitate how to make this setup work with the excellent Synergy tool. Rather, I am …

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Oracle Java on Ubuntu and Debian

{This is more a tech tip for myself – but may be of use to others} [Updated 2012/10/06 – Of course when I most need this its not working. Oracle changed the way they check for license acceptance. So, first go to http://www.oracle.com//technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk6u35-downloads-1836443.html with your browser. Accept the radio button terms. Then run the oab-java …

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WOL – Pollutant Solution

As part of my preparations for this year’s studies I pulled my study apart – not a fun project. One of my main frustrations was that my multiple desktops chew power, generate heat and most importantly make noise! While I don’t need access to all the systems all of the time I certainly need the …

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