What is in a name – Neology

While Neology doesn’t make much use of the media, press releases or marketing we are often quoted or in the press. Our primary to-market opportunities are based on word-of-mouth, conferences and networking. In an effort to get our site updated I went hunting for some more info and press where Neology has been mentioned.

Imagine my surprise when a Google search for Neology turns up “about 146 000” results. What a difference from 2005 when we researched the name for the business – quite scary in actual fact. Neology as a name crops up in some of the strangest markets and situations, with this in mind I decided to collate some of our latest press mentions for later use in the new web site. This forms a ‘brain dump’ of sorts…

We were announced as one of the ISP’s offering DSTV OnDemand – there has been some delays but we’re ready to go live as soon as all the upstream systems are in place. I personally think the DSTV OnDemand service is going to have a larger than expected impact on JINX traffic – always a good thing. It might also be just enough to give MWEB a position of strength from which to negotiate peering with Internet Solutions and MTN – maybe…..

One of my partners in crime at Neology will be filling his regular role of entertainer and thought provoking speaking at the next MyBroadband conference. Try to catch Roelf at the 2010 MyBroadband Conference – its always fun and is a great networking experience for anyone in the industry.

We also got a mention on the “SA Tech Companies to Watch” List – a rather exciting inclusion for us – especially as we’re mostly focusing outside of South Africa. Hmm, wonder if the news about our data centre leaked 😉

Another unexpected and exciting bit of publicity came about during one of our latest clients  – Arc Telecoms, press launch and article in Business Day. We’ve been consulting and assisting with their network design and implementation for a while now. I recon the telecoms space is in for a fun ride with these guys – they are hungry and committed to changing the face of communications for the small and medium enterprise.

Not a bad month and a bit for our hard hitting business.

I look forward to getting the new site with some details on our exciting new products live soon. We have some really exciting RADIUS and SPAM managment products around the corner….

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